The Best Home Upgrades

a tape measure, pencil, and paint chips sitting on top of home building plansEvery summer many homeowners flock to the local hardware depot looking for inexpensive ways they can upgrade their home. WHether it’s a new deck, bathroom renovatoin, kitchen upgrade, or basement remodel – there is no shortage of ways that people can upgrade their homes to be comfier, cozier, and more valuable. There are many different types of upgrades that people will carry out for their own personal reasons, so it can be difficult to say exactly what are the best home upgrades – but here are a few that will make a big impact to your life with a small investment from your pocket.

New Paint Job

One of the easiest, affordable, and quickest upgrades you can make to your home is to paint it. A simple repaint is within the realm of many homeowners DIY skills and can seriously transform a space. The best part is picking out new colours to transform the look of your space, you can select from trendy modern looks to classics and in many paint stores and painting sections of big box retailers you’ll find specialists able to assist you. Many paint brands, such as Benjamin Moore, have their websites that walk you through the process of selecting paint colours based on your room and personal prefeences

Painting supplies are fairly inexpensive ,and when taken care of properly, will last for many uses. Even if you hire professoinals for the job this is still an affordable, relatively simple home upgrade that will make a serious impact to the appreciation of your space.

Shower Upgrade

Often times people neglect the smaller simpler things in life. Your showerhead is one such item. A simple showerhead upgrade costing a few hundred dollars can add a serious change to your daily routine and make having a shower a much more pleasant experience. Many hardware stores feature a wide selection of styles from rainfall showerheads to multifunction showerheads that can perform all kinds of tricks. A slidetrack showerhead is a great upgrade that will find itself home in the hearts of all users, regardless of height.

Swap That Cabinetry

Cabinets, often located in the kitchen, are one item that are used all the time. In many homes that have rundown cabinetry improving this area of your home will make a huge impact to your daily life and appreciation of your space. Upgrading your cabinetry is going to be a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned upgrades but it is one we feel is so important is has to be included on this list. It’s recommended that you always hire a contractor to handle this work since you will want your cabinets installed perfectly.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

It’s easy to get carried away with ideas for upgrading your home, but while dreaming is important the discovering the things you love in life, never neglect the simple areas that are affordable and can make a measurable impact in your life.