5 Signs You Need To Call A Toronto Plumber

toronto plumber providing drain cleaning servicesThere are some times when things go wrong around the house when you can fix the problem yourself without having to call in a professional. Then there are times when you really need to call a professional to deal with the situation. Professional Toronto plumbers Absolute Draining & Plumbing explained to us that homeowners should be aware of these five plumbing problems in order to avoid major damage to their homes. So please, if you have any of these things happen in your home call a professional right away.

A Faucet That Won’t Stop Dripping

It might seem like a dripping faucet isn’t really a big deal. But it can be a big problem for your plumbing. Dripping faucets could be mean bigger leaks are happening where you can’t see them. Those leaks could cause a pipe to burst. Or they could cause other serious problems. If you have a faucet that won’t stop dripping or if you notice a faucet dripping faster than it was call a professional plumber right away.

A Toilet Is Clogged

A clogged toilet is a health and safety hazard. It can overflow sending sewage all over your floors. It can also cause major damage to your plumbing. Even if you have other toilets that are not clogged in the home don’t wait to call a professional plumber. The clog won’t go away on its own. DIY style home remedies could make the problem worse. A clogged toilet needs to be cleared by a professional plumber.

There’s Water In The Basement

Water in the basement is never a good thing. Either you have a leak somewhere or your sewer line is backing up or you have water from the sewer flowing back through the pipes into your basement. Or you also could have a leak somewhere in the house’s plumbing that is causing water to seep into the basement. No matter what the cause is you need a professional plumber to assess the situation, find the problem and fix it.

You See Water Stains On The Ceiling

Water stains on ceilings mean that there is a leak somewhere in the home. If you leave it you could end up with a burst pipe, major damage to your ceilings or walls, or worse. Water that’s left to drip in your ceiling eventually will cause a huge amount of damage and may even undermine the structural integrity of your home. This could result in catastrophic failure leading to injury. Get a plumber to come in and perform leak detection immediately if you see water on your ceiling.

The Water Pressure Drops

If the water pressure in your home drops significantly it’s a sure sign of a clog somewhere in your plumbing. You may also need to upgrade your water supply pipes as they may become corroded, or they simply may not provide enough water for your needs. This happens a lot after a sizeable home renovation that includes plumbing fixture upgrades and installations. Placing greater demands on the existing plumbing pipes reducing the amount of water they can supply. If this happens you can call a Toronto plumber to come and investigate the issue, increasing the diameter of water service pipes is a common upgrade that many Toronto homeowners eventually pursue.